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Professional treadmills Fitness Division is an essential of cardio zone in our fitness club. Running is the simplest, intuitive to anyone and most effective way to study the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as fat burning. Modern treadmills are a tool that is far ahead in efficiency, comfort and safety of the usual cross-country running, so their popularity does not decrease, but rather increases. You can be assured of their maximum efficiency; our experienced coach instructor gives you all the recommendations.
Our room also has treadmills STEX FITNESS - is leading South Korean development of the most experienced professional trainers Korean brand (15 years’ experience). Exceptionally clear and bright screens LG HD TV, own development (depreciation TrapSpring ™, program StewWear ™).

Professional elliptical trainers (from the company Fitness Division and STEX FITNESS) - this is only correct (in terms of the biomechanics of the body) and qualitative tools. Stride length professional trainer in 51-53 cm is the "gold standard" for most people. These specified paths of movement (CoreDrive ™ from TRUE and BioStride ™ from STEX) make effective training safe and comfortable so that your joints are not too tense and you will certainly want to come back again. Comfortable motion paths BioStride ™ of simulators STEX has long and deserved popularity among customers of gyms. And the use of the most modern hybrid silent generators, exceptionally clear and bright screens LG HD TV and other technologies - it's just some aspects that help you create professional fitness equipment Premium quality.

Stationary bicycle STEX FITNESS is superior technological and stylistic development of the most experienced professional fitness equipment under Korean brand.
Free weights are also from Fitness Division Company.

Weight benches MUST are professional strength fitness equipment MUST from the company STEX that were developed after detailed research in the field of biomechanics of movement, the most natural for body and effective for muscles. There are also power benches and racks MUST which complete the overall line of plate load machine.
Our team of experienced, highly qualified instructors will always help you to choose the best exercise programme.